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Our company is the only Center in Israel that trains in the field of tactical and pre-hospital medicine, Disaster Management of conventional and unconventional weapons, Hazardous materials, Fires, Rescue in confined spaces and Rescue in collapsed structures in multiple languages.

RESCUE4U, was created in early 2004, today with more than 17 years of experience in Rescue and training of officers, firefighters, soldiers, rescue units, medical units, tactical doctors, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, first responders and individuals.

Our training center instructs in Israel and in the world.

Most of our instructors have extensive experience in special units of the Israel Defense Army, in the Israeli Emergency services and in different hospitals.

We are experts in the fields of Disaster Management, Management of unconventional weapons attacks, Search-Rescue in confined spaces and collapsed structures, Hazardous Materials Emergencies, advanced and basic tactical pre-hospital treatment of the injured.

Our instructions are carried out according to the protocols and rules of organizations such as:
The Israel Defense Army
American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
American College of Emergency Physicians
We are authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Health and by the Israeli Ministry of Labor.

Our company delivers an efficient and fast service personalized and directed to the needs of our clients.

We are sure that each of the people part of our clients can prepare to avoid disasters.

We have technology to train professionally.

We Offer Great Services to our Clients

Dr. Vashdi

Dr. Vashdi Sheriff is a specialist in emergency medicine. License: 123167 Dedicated to emergency medicine since 2014 at the Rabin Campus Golda Hasharon Medical Center and at the "Beilinson" Hospital, during his specialty he treats Trauma, Surgery, Internal Medicine, children and other specialties according to the requirement of the curriculum. Since 2019, specialist in Emergency Medicine, Instructor of Medicine students and Chief Instructor of simulations of SMLD, ACLS, ATLS and PALS.


INSTRUCTOR: Michael Shkolnikov, a volunteer who travels the world on humanitarian crises and rescue missions for over 3 years. Member of the Israeli Armed Forces (first Sergeant). Courses and Training: Survival and Rescue Instruction, Mass Disaster Incident Management, Water Survival and Helicopter Emergency Escape, Rope Access Level 1, Recreational Rappelling Instructor, Collapsed Structure Rescue Level 2, Troubled Water Rescue level 1+, basic firefighting, Forest fire extinction. Volunteer at MADA for more than 6 years as an EMT. 2013 - 2016 EMT service in the Israel Police. 2019 "Ethiopian Airlines" Aircraft Accident: monitoring of injured people and supporting families as part of the "Zaka" organization. 2018-2019 Israel: volunteering with troubled teens. 2018-2019 Israel: volunteering with women and children with disabilities. 2019 Chad: part of the first Israeli delegation to Chad seeking humanitarian aid as part of the organization "Israeli Air Aid".

Physician Assistants Avi Baksht

INSTRUCTOR: Avi Baksht In the field of Emergency Medicine for more than 25 years. Graduated from many courses in the field of pre-hospital medicine: Advanced First Aid, EMT, and Paramedic. He has a Bachelor of Emergency Medicine (B.EMS) and 12 years in "Magen David Adom", experience as a paramedic and instructor in First Aid, EMT, Paramedic, and ACLS courses. Volunteer Paramedic at "United Hatzala" since 2015. Graduated from the first Course in Israel for Physician Assistants since 2016, worked as a Physician Assistant at Meir Hospital and since 2017 has been working at "Rabin"- Hospital "Golda" Campus. To this day, it holds the Israeli Army reserve as a team command in a master sergeant rank.

Senior Instructor

INSTRUCTOR: Gaby Segal, In the field of Emergency Medicine for more than 8 years. EMT in "Maguen David Adom" and Head of Unit. Instructor of new EMTs during service shifts. Until recently a Reservist member of the Israeli Army as Sergeant Major of the Military Engineering Unit.

Operations Manager

INSTRUCTOR: Abi Yolin, Professional Firefighter for more than 30 years, OSI Security Officer, Member of the Israel Army Forces (staff sergeant) and Advanced Tactical Medical Instructor and USAR Rescue Instructor for more than 16 years. It has responded to attacks Terrorist such as the one at the Natania Hotel, Tel Aviv, Kfar-Saba and others. Active participation in all missions in Gaza from "Operation Defensive Shield" in 2002 to 2020 and during the Lebanon War II in 2006. Currently also a member of UNITED HATZALA, Business Security Consultant and Fire Investigator. Specialist in Tactical Medicine, USAR Rescue, and Mass Disaster Incident Management.


INSTRUCTOR: Douglas Sánchez. Technician in medical emergencies and disasters. Member of Civil Protection Tachira. Confined space rescuer on alpha and motorcycle, Medical Assistant of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security. Staff nurse at the Dr Patrocinio Peñuela Ruiz Hospital (IVSS) services: Internal Medicine Surgery trauma Emergencies ETI UTSIR Volunteer, Rescue Instructor. Graduated from the territorial Polytechnic University of the state of Merida Kleber Ramirez. Higher University Technician in Nursing. Participation in the Scientific Society of Nursing in intravenous therapy and vascular access Participation in western prehospital care sessions for the initial approach to trauma Active volunteer during the development of the vacation plan Hospital Dr Patrocinio Peñuela Ruiz Practical participant in comprehensive trauma care TREM member in life support transfers under assisted mechanical ventilation.

Director of the English department

INSTRUCTOR: Natalie Harris, 8 years experience as a leading First Aider and National First Aid Competitor at GlaxoSmithKline, Brentford, UK. 2 years as a Youth Leader and Croydon Youth Unit Manager at St John Ambulance, London. Certified BTEC Level 3 Award (Specialist 8-12) in Education and Training (QFC) in First Aid. Currently a certified Emergency Medical Technician at United Hatzalah and a certified Corona Tester employed by United Hatzalah, working with Maccabi and Leumit Health Care Services, Israel.

Paramedic Tactic

INSTRUCTOR: Yair Yolin, In the field of Emergency Medicine since 2019. Yair is part of a Special Combat Unit as a Tactical Paramedic in the Israeli Army.


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